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February 24, 2010

Georgia’s Death Row

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A significant share of the Georgia Supreme Court’s work is devoted to death penalty cases. As one might expect, death penalty cases are subject to extensive appellate review. Most of these cases will be heard before the Georgia Supreme Court as direct appeal of a verdict of guilt as well as subsequent challenges to the form and manner of the original trial.

A February 1, 2010 query of the Georgia Department of Corrections web site indicates that 100 inmates are currently under death sentences:

Andrews, James Douglas
Arevalo, Joaquin E
Arrington, Robert Oliver
Barrett, Clay
Bishop, Joshua Daniel
Blankenship, Roy W
Brannan, Andrew Howard
Brockman, Ward Anthony
Brookins, Brian Duane
Brookshire, Kelly R
Bryant, Nicholas Jason
Burgess, Raymond
Butts, Robert
Clark, Cleveland
Cohen, Michael A
Collins, Roger
Conner, John W
Cook, Andrew Allen
Cromartie, Ray Jefferson
Davis, Troy Anthony
Deyoung, Andrew Grant
Drane, Leonard
Edenfield, David H
Ellington, Clayton Jerrod
Esposito, John Anthony
Ferrell, Eric L
Finney, Eddie W
Ford, Melbert Jr
Foster, Timothy T
Franks, David Scott
Fults, Kenneth E
Gary, Carlton
Greene, Daniel
Hammond, Emmanuel Fitzgera
Heidler, Jerry Scott
Henry, George R
Hill, Warren L
Hittson, Travis Clinton
Holiday, Dallas B
Holsey, Robert W
Hulett, Donnie Allen
Humphreys, Stacey Ian
Jarrells, Jonathen
Jefferson, Lawrence J
Jenkins, Larry Leonardre
Johnson, Marcus R
Jones, Ashley Lyndol
Jones, Brandon Astor
Jones, Jerry W
King, Warren
Lamar, Cedrick
Lance, Donnie
Lawler, Gregory P
Ledford, J W
Ledford, Michael William
Lee, James Allyson
Lewis, Christopher K
Loyd, Roger
Lucas, Daniel A
Mcpherson, Mark
Meders, Jimmy Fletcher
Miller, Michael
Mitchell, Nelson Earl
Morrison, Ernest U
Morrow, Scotty G
Nance, Michael W
Okelley, Dorian Frank
Pace, Lyndon Fitzgerald
Palmer, Willie
Perkins, David Aaron
Perkinson, Eric Alexander
Presnell, Virgil Delano
Pye, Willie
Raheem, Askia Mustafa
Raulerson, Bill Daniel
Rhode, Brandon J
Rice, Lawrence
Riley, William David
Rivera, Reinaldo Javier
Rogers, James Randall
Sallie, William C
Sealey, Richard
Sears, Demarcus Ali
Spears, Steven Frederick
Speed, Norris U
Stinski, Darryl Scott
Stripling, Alfonzo
Tate, Nicholas Cody
Terrell, Brian Keith
Tharpe, Keith L
Thomason, Gary Chad
Todd, William L
Tollette, Leon
Waldrip, Tommy L
Walker, Artemus Rick
Walker, Gregory
Ward, Jamie R
Wellons, Marcus A
West, Keith
Whatley, Frederick Ramone

Nearly all of Georgia’s “death row” inmates are incarcerated at Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, Georgia. There is one woman sentenced to death, Kelly Brookshire. All but one of Georgia’s death row inmates have been convicted of murder; Demarcus Sears has been sentenced to death for kidnapping.


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